The minor in American Intercultural Studies advances students’ skills for intercultural understanding and cooperation in today’s society. The program explores historical events and experiences involving race and ethnicity and enhances positive associations with multicultural communities.

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What You'll Study

Explore America’s complex, multicultural story


Promoting greater understanding

Our faculty develop personal ties with students, enhancing their understanding of the material and its connection to the real world through research and experiential opportunities.

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William T. Burke III, J.D.
Program Director
Associate Professor, Business Administration
Faculty Headshot: Peter O'Brien
Peter O'Brien, Ph.D.
Professor, Political Science
Richard K. Reed
Richard K. Reed, Ph.D.
Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Student Opportunities

Consider transformation mapping but make users into advocates.

Research Opportunities

Students have opportunities to conduct and present research at regional and national academic and student leadership conferences.

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When You Graduate

Multicultural understanding, multifaceted opportunities

Tigers graduate with problem-solving skills, strong writing abilities, and empathetic leadership, giving them a chance to make an immediate impact. Tigers bring a nuanced, empathetic approach to any business, startup, or firm navigating issues of diversity and multiculturalism.


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